Sustainability Report According to GRI Standards and the ESRS Standard of the CSRD Directive.

RITTWEGER and TEAM has a proven track record of guiding companies in the process of creating sustainability reports. With our expertise, we deliver well-founded ESG reports efficiently and with professional accuracy. We understand the demanding requirements and the continuously evolving standards in ESG reporting and assist our clients in integrating these requirements into their internal operational processes.

ESG Reporting and Integration

Our extensive experience in sustainability reporting, including having a certified GRI expert in our team and active participation in bodies such as the German Sustainability Code (DNK) and CSRD/ESRS, enables us to provide comprehensive advice to our clients. We seamlessly integrate ESG aspects into operational processes, thereby laying a solid foundation for extensive sustainability reporting that promotes transparency, accountability, and long-term sustainable growth.

Integrated Reporting

The creation of integrated reports requires the comprehensive representation of various aspects of corporate performance, both financial and non-financial, to provide a holistic view. We offer tailored consulting based on our expertise to assist companies in creating such reports. Our support not only helps meet the requirements of various stakeholders but also provides strategic value and promotes transparent and sustainable corporate governance.

Sustainability Reporting Standards: GRI, DNK, ESRS

There are various sustainability reporting standards and frameworks that companies can use to measure, communicate, and improve their sustainability performance.RITTWEGER and TEAM provide consulting services regarding the following sustainability reporting standards:


  • The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a widely recognized standard for sustainability reporting. It provides guidelines and indicators for companies to report their economic, environmental, social, and governance aspects. In our team, we have a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional who has supported the official peer review of GRI translations into German.
  • The German Sustainability Code (DNK) is a German standard aimed at integrating sustainability aspects into corporate governance. Specific indicators are defined for companies to report, explaining and making transparent their contributions to sustainability.
  • The EU Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires large companies to disclose enhanced and standardized sustainability information according to the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). Its aim is to improve the transparency of companies regarding environmental, social, and governance aspects.

Our consulting services go beyond mere application of these standards. We work closely with companies to ensure that their reporting not only complies with the requirements of the respective standards but also provides real value to corporate strategy, stakeholder communication, and long-term sustainable development.

Our Services for your Sustainability Reporting:

  • Consultation on determining company material topics (materiality analysis/process)
  • Stakeholder dialogue consultation
  • Workshop for developing company sustainability performance
  • Audit/Preparation of the Declaration of Compliance according to the criteria of the German Sustainability Code
  • Inventory according to GRI Standards 2021 Update
  • Graphic representation of sustainability metrics
  • Concept, text, design, and realization of the sustainability report
  • Submission/publication of the sustainability report in the GRI network

Our Qualifications for Your Sustainability Reporting:

  • Sustainability Reporting Since 2009
  • Participation in DNK Further Development
  • Sustainability Reporting According to GRI Standards Update 2021
  • Membership in the GRI Community
  • Official Peer Reviewer of the German Translation of the GRI Standards 2021 Update
  • Board Membership at B.A.U.M. e.V. Network for Sustainable Economy
Zertifikat GRI Certified Training Programm der Global Reporting Initiative für die Rittweger und Team Werbeagentur
Zertifikat GRI Certified Training Programm der Global Reporting Initiative für die Rittweger und Team Werbeagentur

Good to Know.

Reporting Obligation According to CSRD

Starting from 2024, the expansion of sustainability reporting obligation encompasses a broader range of companies. Not only capital-market-oriented firms but also all larger companies meeting two of the following three criteria are now obligated to report:

  • total assets of at least €20 million,
  • net turnover of at least €40 million, or
  • at least 250 employees.

Zusammenkommen ist der Anfang – zusammenarbeiten der Erfolg.

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Logo Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex Berichtsjahr 2020
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