Workshops and events on the topic of circular materials.

As experts in circular materials, we offer not only an extensive material library in our Circular Material LAB but also guided workshops and events on this topic. We assist companies in developing new circular products and services, and we provide a platform for exchange and collaboration in this field. Visit us and let our knowledge and experience inspire you.

Materialchart mit Cradle to Cradle Materialien und einem Wohnungsgrundriss

Expand knowledge and discover new ways

In addition to the individual development of circular products and material cycles, we also offer specialised events. These are aimed at those who want to expand their knowledge of sustainable materials and integrate alternative, circular materials into their projects and products.

Excerpt of workshop topics in Circular Material LAB:

  • The circular hotel room
  • Circular construction according to EU Taxonomy criteria
  • Easy entry into CSRD, LkSG, and supplier rating
  • Circular concepts for the Point of Sale (PoS)
  • The circular office

Developing circular products together

In our project-based workshops, we work with you to develop tailored design and material cycles for the Circular Economy that are specifically aligned with your company and products. We take into account strategic transformation aspects, as well as requirements for product design and production, customer needs, application scenarios, and end-of-life processes throughout the entire lifecycle. The goal is to create a complete material flow design for material-focused decarbonisation within Scope 3 and to achieve product optimisation in terms of material health, emissions, resource utilisation, social standards, and recyclability. In the development process, we utilise Design Thinking methods to consider the perspectives and requirements of various stakeholders.

Materialchart mit Cradle to Cradle Materialien und einem Wohnungsgrundriss

Your contact person for workshops at the Circular Material LAB

Felix Brade

Felix Brade

Telephone +49 361 550560-21

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