With GreenSign Circular, ready for the circular economy today.

​The circular economy in construction is already set for Germany and the EU through various regulations and initiatives. The EU Green Deal establishes clear standards focusing on material health, the reuse of raw materials, CO2 emissions, social standards, and biodiversity as crucial criteria for implementation. However, how can developers, project managers, and architects without detailed knowledge evaluate and use building materials concerning these criteria? This is where the GreenSign Circular Certification offers practical support.

Circular planning, building and certification

Developed in collaboration between the GreenSign Institute, RITTWEGER and TEAM, and the Sentinel Haus Institute, the GreenSign Circular Certification enables companies to assess products, real estate, and building materials in the context of the circular economy through a standardized auditing process. This process includes a detailed analysis of building materials and spatial components using various methods.

The GreenSign Circular Audit evaluates the conformity and effectiveness of the “Circular Construction” concept as a whole, contributing to addressing current and future material-related supply, environmental, and health issues.

Highest standard for circular construction according to EU Green Deal and EU taxonomy requirements

This improvement and certification system is partly based on a guide for measuring circularity factors developed at ETH Zurich. Additional evaluation criteria are based on the requirements of the EU Transition Pathways and, in part, on the Cradle to Cradle system.

Your benefits from GreenSign Circular certification for new building construction, refurbishment, and interior designs:

  • Easy implementation process in practice
  • Improved financing conditions thanks to EU taxonomy conformity
  • Attract and retain customers through measurable property quality
  • Secure Long-Term Real Estate Value
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Easier employee recruitment through strong sustainability communication
  • Utilising future viability through EU conformity
  • Legal certainty through external independent review and assessment
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We offer the following interdisciplinary project-related services:

  • Project verification and feasibility check
  • Design concept based on neuromarketing and storytelling
  • Identification and documentation of all necessary construction components and materials
  • Material research and selection of alternative/pollutant-tested materials
  • Material selection based on materials that meet the Cradle to Cradle Certified® product standard, as well as alternative materials from our Circular Material LAB
  • Sustainable performance measurement for all suppliers involved in the process
  • Creation of a digital twin for all material data
  • Closing the open material cycles with manufacturers
  • Creation of a material passport
  • CO₂e accounting for the project, calculation of CO₂ storage potential
  • Verification of sustainability claims in accordance with the EU Green Claim Directive
  • Communication and PR for the project

The path to certification

In contrast to other certificates, GreenSign Circular provides a tried-and-tested work process that makes it easy for architects and planners to achieve the potential target level at the planning stage.

By incorporating existing guidelines for construction processes, the preferred use of circular building materials as well as the commissioning of suppliers and construction companies with a high sustainability impact is sought. The GreenSign Circular Certification measures the corresponding sustainability performance and ensures quality under the five evaluation criteria.

GreenSigen Circular – Der Weg zur Zertifizierung

Systematic implementation of the entire project progress through:

  • Creation of a building resource passport via the SHI database of the Sentinel Haus Institute
  • Decarbonization certifications
  • Evidence of pollutant testing
  • Circularity indices
  • Take-back guarantees
  • Other verifications

Interdisciplinary cooperation partnership for the GreenSign Circular certification.

GreenSign Institut GmbH

is the leading certification company for holistic sustainability in the German hospitality industry. As an institute, GreenSign stands for expertise in the area of sustainable action, providing companies with security and a framework for their sustainable development. With certifications like GreenSign Gastro, GreenSign SPA, and GreenSign Office, GreenSign also offers suitable products for other industries.


Sentinel Haus Institut (SHI)

with its digital product/documentation database and focus on healthy and sustainable construction, is an essential partner for developers, architects, planners, and craftsmen. Its goal is to make sustainability, circularity, and health practical, affordable, and predictable. SHI provides secure data from an up-to-date database and is the first SGS TÜV Saar-supervised database in Europe.


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