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Support for companies

As an official training partner, RITTWEGER + TEAM supports companies in their role as suppliers in optimising their sustainability rating with EcoVadis. Through as-is analyses and holistic consulting CO2e accounting and reporting statements in relation to a strategic transformation, we help to fulfil and further develop the requirements in the individual assessment areas.

As an official training partner, we advise and support you with the EcoVadis certification of your company.

Supplier assessments as the key to sustainable supply chains

With the German Supply Chain Act (Lieferkettengesetz – LkSG), the assessment of suppliers has become much more important in order to ensure a sustainable supply chain. Companies are increasingly asking their suppliers to carry out an assessment with the largest sustainability rating provider EcoVadis in order to fulfil their own supply chain due diligence obligations. An assessment can be a decisive factor in maintaining supply relationships or establishing them in the first place. However, assessing your own company can also be proactive in order to have your own sustainability performance reviewed externally and professionally. With regard to the EU’s Green Claims Directive, which is expected to come into force in 2024, verifications of sustainability performance by external rating agencies will be in demand in the future and will become relevant both in supply relationships and in other areas.

What exactly does EcoVadis evaluate?

EcoVadis assesses the current sustainability performance and recognisable transformation of companies using guidelines, measures and key figures/KPIs as evidence. The scope and level of detail of the questionnaire varies depending on the size and sector of the company being assessed. It includes questions on the environment, labour and human rights, sustainable procurement and ethics. After evaluating the questionnaire, the company receives its EcoVadis scorecard with the respective number of points in the four areas. Once the company has achieved a certain minimum number of points, it is awarded an EcoVadis medal (bronze, silver, gold or platinum) or a badge (Committed, Fast Mover) and can display this on its own website, for example. In order to maintain or improve the status achieved, a reassessment must be carried out annually.

Our services for your EcoVadis company assessment:

  • Definition of the ambition level
  • Analysis of necessary documents/EcoVadis requirements
  • Structured recording of evidence/proof
  • Taking stock of sustainable performance measurement
  • CO2 Accounting
  • Support in answering the questionnaire
  • Analysing the EcoVadis assessment and recommending measures to improve the assessment

Example of the EcoVadis scorecard

Beispiel der EcoVadis Scorecard


Good to know.

EcoVadis Rating – Transparency and responsibility in supply chains

EcoVadis is an independent sustainability rating platform that helps companies to analyse and improve their social and environmental performance. The platform evaluates companies in the four areas of environment, labour and human rights, sustainable procurement and ethics. Through transparent assessments, EcoVadis enables companies to compare their sustainability efforts and thus strengthens the development of responsible supply chains. The result of the EcoVadis assessment, the scorecard, can be shared with business partners. The importance of EcoVadis lies in providing companies with a comprehensive view of their sustainability practices and paving the way to a global economy with a positive social and environmental impact.

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