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Designing products within circular systems and developing new business models for the Circular Economy unlocks significant growth potential. The transition from the traditional linear economy to a circular value chain not only changes the way products are designed and manufactured but also impacts their design processes, distribution channels, customer communication, and more. In other words, embracing the circular economy requires a fundamental shift in how we approach the entire product lifecycle. Cradle to Cradle® is one of the leading forward-thinking design concepts in this regard. It takes inspiration from nature for the life cycle of products and forms the basis for an everlasting nutrient cycle. Materials are reused for new products or returned to nature, preserving resources and values for both people and the environment. Circular Economy based on the Cradle to Cradle® principle goes beyond previous sustainability models, such as recycling or energy efficiency, in its approach.

The circular economy no longer centres on reducing resource consumption, but rather on preserving materials in almost infinite material cycles. The Cradle to Cradle® design concept focuses on eco-effectiveness and considers the impact of materials on human health and the environment. The conventional aspects of product design, development, marketing, and sales are experiencing a transformation that no longer involves a compromise between efficiency/cost-cutting and revenue maximisation. Instead, these areas are now driven by a sense of purpose, creativity, innovation, and a commitment to quality. With over 15 years of experience in sustainable and innovative product and process development, RITTWEGER + TEAM offers substantial support for transforming companies, product design, and production processes towards a decarbonised and circular way of doing business.

Materialfokussierte Dekarbonisierung in der Circular Economy

Our Cradle to Cradle® services:

Das Prinzip der Nährstoff-/Material-Kreisläufe nach Cradle to Cradle: Biologischer Kreislauf für Verbrauchsprodukte und Technischer Kreislauf für Gebrauchsprodukte (©RITTWEGER + TEAM GmbH)

RITTWEGER + TEAM has grown up as a communications agency with over 25 years of experience and, above all, the DNA to make a difference, drive change and to think ahead. Through our intensive work over the past 15 years on Sustainability Issues, future trends and innovation processes such as Design Thinking we discovered Cradle to Cradle® in 2010.

Together with EPEA International Environmental Research GmbH as our scientific expertise partner, and with Cradle to Cradle® initiator Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart by our side, we aim to provide you with access to the future market of the Circular Economy. We are ready to support you in every phase of product development, offering services for the entire process, specific components, or as process consultants and team members.


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Authorised Cooperation Partner of EPEA

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Zertifikat Cradle to Cradle Design Consultant Marcus Licher von der Rittweger und Team Werbeagentur ausgestellt durch epea Hamburg Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart
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