Social Standards Audit:
Mapping responsibility along the value chain


The area of social standards is one of the five pillars of Cradle to Cradle® certification. “Social fairness” looks at the soft factors that affect business processes along the entire value chain:

  • Production and working conditions
  • Compliance with basic and human rights
  • Environmental protection
  • Social commitment
  • Prevention and process management
  • Corruption prevention
In addition to our interdisciplinary approach, one of our strengths is the objective scrutiny of indicators in business ethics, social and ecological corporate areas. In addition to our interdisciplinary approach, the objective examination of indicators in the areas of business ethics, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability, is one of our strengths in this regard.

We are familiar with the requirements of standards such as the GRI and UN Global Compact and are capable of conducting comprehensive audits based on them. This enables us to provide our customers with a clear picture of the status-quo and progress throughout their entire supply chain.

Our services for auditing your social standards:

  • Analysis of all relevant social aspects (internal audit)
  • Audit in accordance with the principles of the Global Compact (Global Compact Self Assessment)
  • Social hotspot analysis for the entire supply chain (social hotspot database)
  • Highlighting particularly innovative social projects at the locations
  • Development of solutions to remedy identified deficiencies and gradually develop social fairness within the company

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