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Through intelligent design, we reinforce values such as trust, individuality and aesthetics, creating the basis for high-quality products that bring people together.

Brand Design

Our understanding of a brand is the combination of all sensory channels into a harmonious whole. For example, a yoghurt that tastes different from what the design conveys will be perceived as incongruous by the consumer. The result is a weakening of the brand. With the help of association analyses, we can show you optimisation potential for your brand design without great effort – with the aim of strengthening the relationship between your brand and your customer.

Web Design

Intelligent web design takes into account the different forms of orientation of the users of a website and thus creates intuitive usability. We therefore develop the design interface of a website in such a way that aesthetic standards are combined with user-friendly criteria such as operating logic and ergonomics, familiar user behaviour, accessibility and cross-platform usability (e.g. from smartphones or tablet PCs). The result is fluid navigation that easily leads to the right information. In this way, we can increase the content benefit for site visitors and customers and the quality of your website.

Visual Design

Visual design combines colour and symbolism, photography, language style and typography, promise and story, which creates a holistic and effective impression that appeals to all five senses. It is realised in the areas of corporate design, logo design, brochure design, packaging design, outdoor advertising, in trade fair appearances and the motifs of advertising campaigns. Benefit from our keen powers of observation, our sense of proportion and our individual approach.

Communication Design

What forms of communication does your company need? Are all target groups addressed equally? In the field of communication design, we look into the question of how to optimise communication for your company. We take all target groups into account and select the appropriate form from the multitude of media. We also develop scenarios for possible chains of action that demonstrate the advertising impact. This enables us to optimise the use of your advertising budget.

Product Design

Intelligent product design has its origins in people’s needs. There are currently a large number of products on the market that have prioritised technological progress. In product design, we combine needs with the most intelligent technical solutions. In doing so, we break out of existing industry patterns and create completely new product worlds. We also scrutinise the products used to determine the degree of sustainable added value and offer you solutions for further development.

Packaging Design

The hit of miss of a product is decided by the design of the packaging. The design triggers decision-making processes in the customer and therefore has a direct influence on turnover and sales. We use findings from Neuromarketing machen to visualise these processes and incorporate them into our design work. With the help of our market research portal, we can test our designs for consumer acceptance even before market launch and integrate their suggestions into the packaging design. This allows us to offer you maximum security and reduce the risk of new product launches.

Life Cycle Design

Life cycle design creates the solution for resource-efficient products. In the design process, the entire life cycle of a product is designed in the initial idea phase. In the future, products should be designed in such a way that they can be dismantled after use or go through a second life cycle. For example, a wet razor can be turned into a pen, or a CD case can be resold used.

We offer you our expertise as a Cradle to Cradle® Design Consultant and develop models for closed material cycles for you, e.g. in connection with packaging designs, product designs, business, distribution and recycling concepts.

Cradle to Cradle® and C2C® are registered trademarks of MBDC.
Cradle to Cradle Certified(TM) is a certification mark of MBDC exclusively licensed to Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

Process Design

The success of our current economic system lies in the fact that processes have been optimised to perfection in many areas. If society now demands sustainability from these processes, the process must be rethought. We understand process design to mean developing completely new approaches and business models. This is where Design Thinking comes into play: collecting knowledge, visualising possibilities and creating new contexts. Benefit from our many years of experience and our ability to think outside the box.

Detailansicht eines Holzträgerbalkens mit dem Prozess beim Design Thinking der Agentur Rittweger und Team veranschaulicht auf Post-its

Design Thinking – results in ideas with substance.

Solving complex tasks requires complex skills – from observing and understanding, to visualising and testing, to learning and refining again and again. Design thinking is a method that combines all of these skills in a creative process and, above all, places people’s needs at the centre. Against the backdrop of sustainability and social trends, we as an agency are firmly convinced that needs-orientated products have a future. This is why we use the design thinking method to develop completely new ideas and user-orientated solutions for our clients.

Der Kreativprozess beim Design Thinking der Agentur Rittweger und Team Vorhandenes annehmen, Beobachten und Bedürfnisse verstehen, Sichtweise definieren, Ideen finden und Lösungsweg definieren, Design entwickeln, Austesten

RITTWEGER + TEAM can develop innovative product concepts with high impact for you and at the same time help to shorten innovation processes. In addition to the various creative tools of design thinking, our agency offers you

  • our own market research portal,
  • target group-specific needs analyses,
  • the integration of social media such as Facebook surveys,
  • the visualisation of needs chains and
  • marketing approaches.

Increased targeted sales through Neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing scrutinises all the invisible and unconscious reactions of consumers, in particular how the brain reacts to certain signals emanating from a design. The aim of neuromarketing is to identify and understand the right needs and motivations of potential buyers.

We have been focussing on the effects of design since our agency was founded. We have repeatedly observed that colour, typography, appearance and imagery create certain associations in people’s minds, which ultimately support or inhibit purchasing decisions. The latest findings from neuromarketing prove us right. Neuromarketing enables us to align or optimise your design in such a way that very specific values and needs of your target group can be addressed. Experience has shown that this pays off for you in the form of increased customer loyalty and increased sales.

Die Emotionssysteme im Gehirn zur Nutzung bei der Markenentwicklung sowie bei der Entwicklung von Corporate Designs und Logos, Produkt- und Verpackungsdesign nach Neuromarketing Aspekten durch die Agentur Rittweger und Team

Our agency develops the following for you according to neuromarketing principles

  • Corporate Designs,
  • colour design,
  • logo and brand designs and
  • product and packaging designs.

We make the individual design steps transparent and comprehensible for you. You gain security and an understanding of your customers’ behaviour.

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