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Strong brands form the basis for long-term corporate success. RITTWEGER + TEAM supports you with methodical expertise and years of experience in the development of brand content and design.

Strong brands have the ability to trigger positive associations and behaviours. The decision in favour of a brand is more than 80 % emotionally driven – always in comparison with everything the brand stands for: Value image, characteristics, understanding of quality, consistency, etc. Our agency’s many years of experience in the development of logos, corporate designs, mission statements, product concepts and communication strategies show that a strong brand is always the evolved sum of many individual parts. The meaningful and value-adding combination of these individual parts into a whole is our speciality.

Modell zur Markenentwicklung bei der Rittweger + Team Werbeagentur: Im Fokus steht der Markenkern nach Erkenntnissen des Neuromarketings, umgeben von der Markenpersönlichkeit, die Markenkommunikation bildet das Dach, darüber steht die Markenmission, umgeben von Markenwert und Ziel

An Investment in the Future

Regardless of whether we accompany you as a design agency, advertising agency or communications agency in brand development, let us discover your brand potential together and lay new foundations for long-term corporate success:


  • in the definition of goals/results
  • in identifying the essential and enduring core values in your company – your brand essence
  • in determining your characteristics that result from your core values – your brand personality
  • in formulating your brand promise, which you want to fulfil every day in order to achieve the goals you have set – condensed down to the essence in one sentence
  • in the visualisation and implementation in your communication

Brand development and design

Our understanding of brand design is the linking of all sensory channels into a harmonious unit. For example, a yoghurt that tastes different from what the design conveys will be perceived as incongruous by the consumer. The result is a weakening of the brand. With the help of association analyses, we can show you optimisation potential for your brand design without great effort – with the aim of strengthening the relationship between your brand and your customer. RITTWEGER + TEAM works in the following areas:



Retail / Trade Brands

Employer brands

Sustainability Brands

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