Development of the currently highest evaluation standard for circular construction according to GreenSign Circular – in collaboration with the Sentinel Haus Institut (SHI) and GreenSign

Strategischer Positionierungsansatz #GoodByeLinear im Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2019

RITTWEGER + TEAM, in collaboration with the Sentinel Haus Institute and the GreenSign Institute, has developed the evaluation system for the GreenSign Circular certification. This groundbreaking system was first applied in 2023 during the certification of the Circular Living Design rooms at SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA Hotel. It implements the current highest sustainability standard, based on the criteria of the EU Green Deal and the EU Taxonomy. The system incorporates indicators for measuring circularity factors developed at ETH Zurich. Additional assessment criteria are derived from the requirements of the EU Transition Pathways and the Cradle to Cradle system.

Within the context of ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance), the certificate allows for a clear positioning and increased transparency regarding environmental performance. This transparency is becoming increasingly significant as investors and financial markets place a growing emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. The GreenSign Circular certificate thus contributes to strengthening the trust of investors and stakeholders and facilitates access to sustainable sources of financing.

The GreenSign Circular certification is not exclusively tailored to hotels. It also offers developers and investors in the realm of residential complexes, shopping centers, offices, clinics, schools, daycare centers, sports facilities, and more, a clear and measurable perspective for future-proof investments. The system ensures compliance with the highest ecological and social standards and serves as a guide for visionary design possibilities in construction.

As part of the GreenSign Circular certification process, RITTWEGER + TEAM provides consultation services to developers, planners, architects, and project managers of construction projects. In doing so, we integrate our own Circular Material LAB to ensure comprehensive expertise in the realm of sustainable and healthy construction.

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